I am extremely privileged to work all across the world during my career; shooting and directing for some of the biggest household brands.

It would have been brilliant to showcase all of my work, but unfortunately, it is impossible to include it all on one page.

So I have put together a small selection of some of my personal favourite campaigns for you below.

Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, Dubai

Royal Dutch Airforce, The Netherlands

Aviva, France

Getronics, Worldwide

Osram, Worldwide

Commercial Bank Qatar, Qatar

Renault, Italy

Aranesp, USA

McDonalds, Austria

Honda, Germany

Burj Alarab, Dubai

Berlin Zoo, Germany

Alitalia, Worldwide

Sohar Frezone, Oman

Red Cross, Netherlands

Doha Museum, Quatar

Columbia University, USA

Red Crescent, Saudia Arabia

Sohar Frezone, Oman

Duitse Orde – Netherlands

Sicily Tourist Board, Italy

Kumal, Great Britain

Winston, Germany

Glen Fiddich, France

Osram , Germany

Chir Golson Workshop, USA

Safety First, USA

Partial Client List

Royal Dutch Airforce – KLM – Commercial Bank of Qatar – Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts – Columbia University – Port of Sohar – McDonalds – Mercedes Benz – Hilton Hotels –
Siemens – Philips – Glen Fiddich – Elt – Red Cross – Red Crescent – Apple – Toyota – Lexus – Royal Dutch Shell – Allianz – General Motors – Cartier – ABNAmro – Heineken – Sony – American Express – BASF – Nestlé – Procter & Gamble – Johnson & Johnson – Mitsubishi Corp – Honda – BMW – Fiat – Platek – Aviva – Johny Walker – Sicily Tourist Board – Coca Cola – IBM – Nike – 3M – Philip Morris – DuPont – LVMH – Nestle – Unilever – Renault – Zurich Insurance Group –



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