Dirk Karsten is an internationally acclaimed Dutch photographer.

Dirk Karsten, internationally acclaimed Dutch photographer, has worked successfully in many different fields: automotive, energy, lighting, food and drink and hospitality. His images have won close to 300 awards  accolades from Art Director Clubs and Media Awards around the world including a Clio award and Gold / Silver for the Lucie Awards. His name appears on the cover and in every issue of 200 Best Adverting Photographers Worldwide and he has been published in the prestigious annuals of Communication Arts, Photo Graphis, Lürzer’s Archive and many more.

Dirk’s personal perspective of space and form remains descriptive and realistic yet draws the onlooker into a timeless ambience. In resent years Karsten’s interest has moved more and more  from advertising to art photography.His work can be seen in several museums and in 2017 he was invited to show his work at the Venice Biennale.

When Karsten is not directing films or taking photographs he can be found mentoring young aspiring photographers or lecturing on visual communication.